Digital Earth was presented on Globalistics-2023

On April 17, 2023 at Lomonosov Moscow State University the Seventh International Scientific Congress “Globalism-2023: Sustainable Development in the Context of Global Processes”, dedicated to the 160th anniversary of Vernadsky, began its work. The session “Turning from socio-technogenic to socio-biospheric development of life and the world”, held on 25 April online, presented a report by Eugene Eremchenko (Moscow State University, Moscow) and Irina Angelina (DonNUET, Donetsk) “Globalism and Geocentrism: a new trend of management and a slot of opportunity for Russia”.

The report substantiated the feasibility and timeliness of using the Digital Earth as a common platform for the study of global phenomena, and emphasized the exceptional synergy between the concept of the Digital Earth and Vernadsky’s noosphere concept. Possibilities of including globalists in the work of the Russian branch of the Digital Earth were considered.

The Congress is one of the main international venues for interdisciplinary dialogue in the field of science and education, formation and strengthening of links between domestic and foreign science. The Congress discusses topical issues of interdisciplinary research from environmental, economic, political and other spheres, as well as issues related to the future of humanity. The work of the section was moderated by Professor of the Bryansk State Technical University, Professor of the Russian Academy of Sciences E.A. Dergacheva. The work of the section was held in Russian.

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