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National ISDE Chapters recognised on ISDE11 (2019). Courtesy of Prof. Guo (China)

The foundation of the Russian national chapter of the International Society for Digital Earth (Russian ISDE Chapter) was first discussed at the ISDE Council meeting in Beijing (China) on July 6, 2016 as a consequence of active development of Digital Earth/Neogeography concepts in Russia. The process of its establishing was initiated at the 7th ISDE Summit in El Jadida (Morocco) on April 16, 2018. The Russian Chapter of ISDE was recognized at the 15th ISDE Council meeting in Florence (Italy) on September 27, 2019.
The Russian ISDE chapter became the fifth national chapter of ISDE in the world (after Chinese, European, Japanese, and Australian chapters).
The formation of the Russian ISDE chapter was the result of active research and organizational work of the team of scientists and developers formed around the Neogeography R&D Group (Protvino, Russia). It is based on a deep anticipation of the emergence of radically new geospatial tools, clearly traceable in Russian culture at least until the mid-19th century.

Mission and Achievements

Digital Earth is a new approach to the organization and practical use of data localized in space and time on the basis of post-mapping tools to provide a regime of situational awareness and thereby get rid of the intractable problems generated by geospatial tools of bygone eras. Digital Earth is the fundamental basis of the geospatial scientific revolution involving a wide range of fundamental scientific disciplines. The concept of the Digital Earth was proposed by Albert Gore in his 1992 and 1998 works, and first put into practice in the Terravision project in the 1990s.
Mission of the Russian ISDE chapter is to develop modern approaches to governance by means of new generation decision-making tools, to introduce the best management practices to Russian and foreign audience, to organize scientific forums and venues for presentation of scientific research results, and to encourage intellectual development in the whole society, including formation of target interdisciplinary research groups. ISDE Russia promotes cutting-edge scientific research and its fastest possible implementation in the interests of the individual, the country and all mankind.
The Russian ISDE chapter conducts its activity in accordance with the Russian law and within the scientific and technical policy of the International Society for the Digital Earth (ISDE).
The Annual almanac “Geocontext” is the official journal of the Russian ISDE chapter. Russian ISDE chapter annually organizes “Digital Earth and Big Data” sections at “Graphicon” conferences, participates in other Russian and international scientific forums, and prepares and publishes scientific works in leading Russian and world publishing houses. During its short history so far, the Russian ISDE chapter has prepared a separate chapter for the Manual of Digital Earth, published in 1999 by Springer, and also organized the 8th Digital Earth Summit in Protvino in the extreme conditions of the 2020 pandemic, which became the first ISDE scientific event of this level held in our country and the largest scientific event by geographic scope in the entire millennial history of Russia (77 countries).

Spatial distribution of participants of 8th Digital Earth Summit (2020), held in Protvino (Russia). Relative representatation.
Distribution of participants of 8th Digital Earth Summit (2020), held in Protvino (Russia). Absolute levels.


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